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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance

Commercial video surveillance and monitoring systems that stream, analyze and archive video content. Typically deployed in a commercial building environment or city-wide surveillance, video surveillance systems can take the form of many different types depending on the use case.

In a city-wide surveillance system, the requirement to perform video analytics is paramount to successfully matching suspects to a database of past perpetrators. In a commercial environment it is critical to monitor and provide preemptive measures for life safety and property protection. Interlink Group provides the necessary skills and expertise to roll-out systems to achieve this result.

Physical Access Control

The ability to manage egress and ingress of the premises by physically restricting and monitoring passage in commercial spaces by utilizing electromechanical locking mechanisms and credentialing issued to occupants allowing movement from one area to another. Access control systems are used in small to large corporate environments around the world. Interlink Group can plan and design systems for your facility and space requirements no matter the size of your venue.

Physical access control

Lighting Communications

Lighting communications

Cutting edge technology utilizing LED lighting to modulate RF communications in the commercial environment. This is the enabler for IoT devices within a premise allowing virtually unlimited coverage throughout the property. While this technology is currently in its infant state it continuously evolves to allow facilities to network small often desperate systems that monitor building functions described above.

Public Safety Wireless Repeaters

Life safety in-building two-way radio repeaters to assists First Responders in their quest to save life and property. In the past 3 years it is now mandatory that all new and existing buildings provide adequate RF radio reception for first responders and Police should an emergency arise where their presence is required inside your facility. It is no longer acceptable to have marginal or no coverage within the modern building. Building developers and managers must now comply with Florida Statutes to provide in-building services to 99% of critical areas. Reference FS 633.202 (18).

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Enhancement Systems (ERRCS) are required by International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC) and they are specified in NFPA-1221 and NFPA-72. NFPA 1221 Section 9.6 (2016 edition) and NFPA 72 Section 24.5.2 (2013, 2010 edition) dictates that radio coverage shall be provided with 99 percent floor area coverage in critical areas and 90 percent floor area radio coverage in general building areas.

Public safety wireless repeaters

Mobile Carrier / In-building

Mobile carrier / In-building

Neutral Host mobile service provider repeaters to improve in-building coverage by utilizing DAS and small cell interfaces connected to the RAN. Interlink Group designs and coordinates Neutral Host systems for all major carriers in the Florida market. Whether it’s a public or provide enterprise space Interlink Group can assist in the selection, design, venue, and roll out of multi carrier systems.

Network Cabling Infrastructure

Modern Structured Cabling Systems that support the transportation of voice, data, broadband, analytics and RF communications in the modern world. We include a structured cabling system in all of our projects that we design from the ground up.

Network cabling infrastructure