Network Cabling

  • Design


    Let our designers create a technology strategy and migration plan for your business or enterprise.


  • Install


    Whether it's a wireless GPRS deployment, structured cabling system or fiber optic backbone system our team of skilled installation crafts persons will get the job done.


  • Manage


    Interlink Group's project and program management capabilities allow the client to keep track of progress, reduce costs and maintain a timeline.


Why Interlink Group?

Network Cabling

It's a simple philosophy. Your project is very important to you and your organization. At Interlink Group we take this very seriously. Every customer is of our highest concern and we include ourselves as a 'Stakeholder' in the project. If you look good we look good.

When you choose Interlink Group you are getting a relationship, not just another contractor. This is evident in how we perceive project management as a hole.

One point of contact to deal with on all issues involving project lifecycle.

  • Integrated contracting vehicle to manage sub-contractors.
  • Coordination of all third party vendors.
  • Documentation that is accurate and pertinent.
  • Deliverables that meet expectations.
  • Quality assurance.


Network Cabling | Design

We start with a connectivity solution designed with your business and building in mind. Whether it's a wireless network, computer equipment room build out or a fiber to the home network, our on-staff Professional Engineers and credentialed Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) work to ensure a standards compliant connectivity solution that is well matched to your overall company's goals. We then ensure that each system we design will be compatible with the equipment and technology that is being utilized by your business operations. In the case of a new construction development, we will work closely with the Architect's MEP design team and stakeholders to produce a network design that conforms to the project's design criteria and is in compliance with local and State electrical codes and national telecommunication standards.

Interlink Group's strength is yours! It lies in the resources we make available to your project.

  • Our RCDD design professionals know cable inside and out. They live for this stuff. So your project is handled with expertise that is unparalleled in our industry.
  • On projects that required Subcontractor trade coordination, integration or interrelated division 16 scope of work, we turn to our State of Florida Licensed Professional Engineers to work with the RCDD on the overall design and engineering issues.
  • With our Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) department, our design engineers work closely with the CAD technicians to produce construction documents that are accurate and concise, eliminating errors and increasing the overall success of the field installation team by clearly defining the scope, placement of pathways and spaces for conduits and cable trays, and device location such as wireless radio access points and workstation outlets.
  • Cabling Infrastructure Rosters provide accurate device outlet labeling, cable numbering scheme, logical layout in telecommunication room patch panels, all the way to final quality assurance certifications, checklists that document the complete step of the way.


Network Cabling | Installation

Interlink Group provides a wide array of construction services from design-manage design-build, to hard bid telecom installations. Connectivity solutions for your project consist of fiber optic and copper cabling, telephone systems, CATV, security and various building automation services. We employ RCDD, PE and CAD technicians to service your project. Whether it's Voice and Data cabling, an IP network, CCTV system, Wi-Fi access points, energy management, building automation or lighting control, think of Interlink Group for information transport infrastructure design and installation services. Our vertical markets are transportation, education, banking, telecom and government to construction services; general contractors and developers engaged in mixed use mid and high-rise corporate facilities, hotels and condominiums.

At Interlink Group we take pride in everything we do. And your cable plant is no exception. Between the design and management phases comes installation. Our team of well seasoned installation technicians takes pride in their craftsmanship.

Project Management

Network Cabling | Project Management

Once the project has been designed and ready for installation, it needs to be managed. This is where we do some of our best stuff. Being able to see the project from design through execution allows for Interlink Group to ensure quality to the highest standard all while maintaining a professional product that you can be proud of for years to come. We're a stakeholder too. If we make you look good we look good.

Using the PMI� model of Project Management, Interlink Group tracks major important tasks that make up every project;

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Project Scheduling
  3. Risk Management
  4. Material Procurement
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Change Management
  7. Communication Management
  8. Project close-out
  9. Deliverables

Project Planning

Interlink Group will take all of the guess work out of the process by closely planning all phases of the installation. The most successful projects all start out with a game plan and procedure for success.

We'll handle the scheduling, material procurement, testing, perfecting, and labeling, material staging, logistics, deliveries and inventory management. We cover it all so you don't have to.

Planning is directly related to a projects success and ultimately to the teams; you and Interlink Group, we're in it together.


We're in the connectivity business. And connectivity is all about communication. The Interlink Group project management team will keep you informed of important events and job progress throughout the life cycle of your project. We work to keep you a step ahead... gathering information before it's needed, addressing concerns before they are problems.

On new construction projects and renovations we attend design-development, Owner-architect-contractor, and coordination meetings so you don't have too. Subcontractor meetings are also an important item where we communicate trade coordination issues and resolve potential conflicts.


The projects not complete until the paperwork is done! Documenting the communications infrastructure is critical to managing network resources and deploying future applications. We provide CAD as-built drawings on client provided floor plans. We document the location and type of every link in your communications infrastructure. In a circuit-by-circuit report on the performance of your cabling system, we document the integrity of each and every circuit as well, all available electronically or in printed form.

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