TrActivos� Wireless M2M Asset Tracking

What is TrActivos�?

trActivos Asset Tracking

It is very common and usual that companies operations are dependent on the performance of physical assets, both mobile (e.g. tractors, trucks) and fixed (e.g. pumps, storage tanks). Many times over and in many instances these assets are nowhere to be found, accounted for and/or lack measurable productivity and usage metrics. In the high-tech industry this problem has been recognized and confronted for many years challenging the best minds around the world. To that, innovation in the development of sensing technologies and wireless communications has made it possible to align the various fragmented technologies for asset visibility under one common effort and marketplace competition, hence the birth of Machine-to-Machine (M2M).

TrActivos� allows enterprises to monitor, measure, manage and control their applications remotely. This means that TrActivos� streamlines and facilitates interaction between companies and their remote assets within a total wireless environment. The components that make our TrActivos� solution possible consist of the following elements:

  • Networks - Cellular, Public Switched Telephone Network, and Satellite. These networks transport data from collection sensor points to destinations like gateways, servers, databases, remote points of measurement
  • Remote Sensors - Gather data relating to the status and position of remote assets
  • Software-As-A-Services (SaaS) - TrActivos� is fully hosted in a SAS70 Type II Data Center that allows our customers to use various software instances of TrActivos�

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