Interlink Group Professional Services, Inc.

Excellence in Design, Installation and Service of Low Voltage Network Transport Infrastructure and Systems for Government and Private Industries.

Interlink Group is a full service telecommunication design, contracting firm that engages in a wide array of professional services and connectivity solutions for your business. At Interlink Group, we work with a wide array of infrastructure to bring solutions to common problems. Copper cabling, Fiber Optics, or wireless are all pathways to a successful solution. We bring them together into one cohesive platform tailored to the customer's requirements. When Interlink Group creates a solution you get a relationship that's backed by 20+ years experience, not just a contractor. A company with solution for the present and in the future.

Whether it's Voice and Data cabling, an IP network CCTV system, Wi-Fi access points, Cellular DAS, building automation or Audio Visual, think of Interlink Group for information transport infrastructure design and installation service second to none.


    • Military
    • Municipal/Government
    • Transportation
    • Health Care
    • Public Networks
    • Technology
    • Residential